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I don’t technically work from home, but I value a home workspace for almost any home. We all have documents to keep in order and things to do on the computer!

This desk is actually from IKEA. I put it together myself, and still have the coinciding hutch section (bought seperately) that I can build and attach one day when the space allows (***Edited post – update! Hutch built! Scroll down to see). Inspired by several Pinterest boards, I was going for a white desk, colorful chair, white sheepskin rug and small succulents on the desk with a gold desk lamp. Here the desk if pictured facing the wall. Below it faces the bed. Where would you put it??

What is included so far::

Rug: https://amzn.to/2NmVBE8

Desk: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30213076/

Wall Shelf: https://amzn.to/2pBVR8C

Ideas for chair (not purchased yet though, what you see pictured is a folding chair from IKEA):

Ikea: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S59127808/





This desk is in the master bedroom, alongside the wall with the left corner/edge of the desk colliding with the door when it opens all the way (annoying). It also collides with the door when facing the bed, also very annoying. 

Finally, after bumping into the doorknob more than enough times and having bruises to prove it, I made a BIG. CHANGE.

Please leave comments of your suggestions of best alignment/location!!!

I moved the desk again, both spots against the wall and in front of the bed were too prone to injury seeing that the door wasn’t able to open completely all the way. I also…UNBOXED THE HUTCH from Ikea that I’ve stored for 2 years. TWO YEARS??? Guys and I’m into organizing, and I admit that I’ve stored something in a box for TWO. YEARS. Ok. My fear was that the hutch would cause the desk area to be darker and not let the light into the area. I also couldn’t be bothered since I felt I move the desk so often – maybe easier if I keep it lighter. Boy am I happy I made the change! See pics below, and this is before the decor – we only just built it. Then comes the fun part 😉

By the way guys – for those that are not too handy or DIY savvy, IKEA stuff is sort of manageable in my opinion. Most of their stuff I can build, though it takes me longer than probably most. You can do it with minimal tools involved, and the instructions nowadays are only pictures – no words lol. What I was disappointed with however, was with the hutch after following all the instructions, I had a fully built hutch BALANCiNG on top of a desk! There were holes on the hutch part that matched up with the desk, but the desk side was completely smooth – so unless you have and can use a power drill (not me), you have quite a precarious situation which I felt unsafe with even up against a wall.

Fast forward a month when I could get Meir the trusty handyman to come by, and he used a power drill to securely attach the hutch to the desk. Go figure. Not worth the gas and time at this point to return to IKEA, and I’m overall thrilled to have this addition to the work-at-home station!!