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Pantry Update!

Even when organized, stuff can get out of control! Especially in a small kitchen.

I revamped the pantry, making use of a new bowl and a new shelf unit for additional kitchen and dining items.

Picked up a free bowl being given away by a local flower shop, thank you @Mimulo (SCORE!). Where do you keep your produce?

Yes, my pantry space is valuable. Though my counter space is more valuable, so I decided to put the produce bowl in the open pantry.

Also picked up a free shelf unit someone was giving away in my neighborhood – took it home in an uber (SCORE!). Idea for this was threefold: extra kitchen/pantry storage, toy storage, and a nice aesthetic on top.

I thought the bowl would be EXCELLENT on top of the new shelf. Problem is, it is too big (see pics, it extends over the edge). Sigh.

That’s where the idea for a produce bowl came in.

Then I redid the pantry since it was getting out of hand anyways. With small spaces, I think every few months reorganizing is in order, even having done the Konmari method. Everyone eats, the pantry contents change, and we need to adjust. Nothing wrong with that!

These are the before (L) and after (Center and R) images of redone pantry!! No, I am not embarrassed lol of the before – this is real life my friends.

More organized new shelf pictured below. Another reason I wanted something in this location in the living room is due to the cords, they used to be on the ground and were an ugly eye-sore. I can’t move them since this is where they are attached to the wall/internet hookup, and this is at least safer and possibly less ugly than before. Still looking for more ideas regarding storing these cords more aesthetically, however they also generate heat so cannot be closed up in a drawer for example (tried that previously, lol).

Similar items to what I used:

New black shelf: https://amzn.to/2FwGlpE

Gold produce bowl: https://amzn.to/2TfmZbe

Happy centering,