Toys! So easy to buy, yet no space for them all!

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In a previous apartment (upper right photo) toys were stored on a bookshelf in the living room in plastic containers/bins. It was an easy-to-access solution, not super aesthetic as the bins didn’t all match. 

Now in this apartment (upper left photo), we no longer have that bookshelf, and what you see is a mess of toys all over the ground! I’ve tried a few different storage methods in the closet, living room, and kids room, which you will see below.

1. Rubbermaid closet system: The system is installed in the kids room closet with one rack for hanging clothing and one shelf. More shelves could be added – this is a possibility I have entertained at some point. This link is similar to what I purchased from Walmart online at the time, though now the price is better on amazon:


2. Fabric cubes: These have been useful in storing toys. I have one in the main living room bookshelf, sometimes one or two grace the floor in the kids bedroom, and I am using two in the new bookshelf in the living room as well. Disadvantages of these are they are not super durable, they don’t last forever, and kids have to dig through them to get to what they want. See some below (turquoise, gray, I also have some black ones). This is a link to some similar, though get some colorful ones to brighten things up:

3. Plastic drawer units in the kids closet and in the kids bedroom: I’ve alternated with set-ups with plastic drawer units around the kids bedroom with toys in the three clear drawers, and in the closet under the mounted shelf. Right now I fit two such storage units in the closet and it makes for a less cluttered feel for the room. I also have one miscellaneous sized drawer still loose in the room, which also serves a purpose slightly elevating the laundry hamper..hmm I can address this at some point. You can see the drawers in some of the pics above. Big drawers: Smaller drawers:

4. Laundry hamper: stuffed animal storage. I used to do this, and though cute and aesthetically pleasing, it wasn’t practical as inevitably all the stuffed animals ended up on the floor – it is just too deep. I’ll find a pic somewhere, but you get the idea. Now stuffed animals are stuffed (pun intended) into the clear drawers, and they also live in the doll strollers. Taking advice in this area – please comment below for stuffed animal storage! (I’m not a fan of the nets above because I like the Montessori-theme of kids accessing toys themselves, I don’t want storage up high that I have to get down each time). I got mine at TJ Max as a gift (the tag was on so I knew where it was from lol) a similar one on Amazon if you choose to go this route for stuffed animals:

Links to stuff I used or similar:

Rubbermaid closet configuration:

Fabric bins (but I recommend bright and colorful ones for an easy pop):

Plastic 3 drawer unit (large):

Plastic 3 drawer unit (small/narrower):

Laundry hamper for stuffed animals:

Which methods do you prefer of storing toys and stuffed animals?