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Photos make the best home decor. To put up images of the ones you love, those close to you, and meaningful sites and artwork beats any famous artwork in my book. How can you display photos without breaking the bank?? 

By far the cheapest photo printing service I have found is Amazon prints. With only 9 cents per 4x6 image, it beats Walgreens.com and Shutterfly.com in my experience. The downfall is that it can take a week+ to receive your images unless you pay for expedited shipping. If you need them asap then in my experience Walgreens is the way to go – they have same day prints available for in-store pickup, and delivery by mail is quicker than Amazon prints. For less than a dollar per image we are still talking pretty budget-friendly.

Canvas images are in vogue and look gorgeous displayed on the wall. The issue is, they have always been too pricey for me to justify. If you get one on sale, or use a coupon code that would be your best bet.

Below was a large canvas received as a gift (L), to the right is simply a picture frame with photo prints arranged & taped inside. Pretty economic and I think asthetically pleasing way to bring honor to relatives and decorate the walls at the same time!

As well if you keep your eyes peeled occasionally Walgreens or Shutterfly will have free 8x10 photo print deals! Below are simply 2 8x10 photo prints displayed on the wall. It would look one step up if they were canvases, however for a more budget-friendly option this does the job as well. I also can’t help but think flat images on the wall are slightly safer above beds when it comes to earthquakes? Would love to hear your perspective on that one 😉 Best, Shirit