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The big move? Let me explain. This apartment has been our lovely home for 2.5 years, the previous apartment for 3 years. Those two apartments were literally a block away from each other, so essentially we were in the same neighborhood for 5.5 years.  


Before you panic, we are moving to another area of Brooklyn G-d willing, like 20 minutes away driving. 


So the lifestyle elements that originally inspired this blog: the struggles of stuff, lack of storage space, need for affordable organization solutions while renting, and overall aim towards a more streamlined and minimalist lifestyle, still stand. The new apartment is still super urban, crowded, rented apartment-living with no storage space and no car. Our budget for home decor and organizing still stands at an all-time low. Or nonexistent lol. But I am super super super hopeful for excellent closet space, a spacious kitchen, excellent sunlight, and an easy entryway (no stairs!) A girl can dream.


So now comes the big task: packing.


There are hundreds of articles on packing and organizing online. Only one urgent, pressing element comes to mind though: can I use this as an opportunity to declutter and truly go through everything??!!! What an organizer’s dream come true!! This isn’t organizing and decluttering all in an existing space, this is packing, sorting, donating and really deciding what is worth paying a mover to lug across town and what simply is not needed in our home and is taking up valuable space. 

So join me on my declutter packing adventure!! Let’s call it…DEPACK. Decluttering and packing all in one. 

Let’s do this!!