DEPACK – Starting with Clothes

24 Days until the move!!

Packing and decluttering at the same time. DEcluttering + PACKing = DEPACK. Let the boxes overflow!!

Omg what have I gotten myself into *facepalm*

Packing and moving is hard enough. Why add decluttering? Well, here are some good reasons:


  1. You are paying movers to move your things – those things must be valuable enough to be worth spending on in this way
  2. You are starting a new chapter in a fresh, new space. Do you really want to take along dusty items that haven’t seen the light of day for several years at your old place? 
  3. You are spending the time picking up each belonging to put in a box. As long as you are going through everything, use the time to decide what you want to keep and what you want to discard.


Obviously this is easier said than done. If you are doing a rush moving job, by all means pack it all up and go. However if you have the luxury of packing at a slower pace and not rushing to move, take a little extra time and declutter as you go. You will thank yourself later.

How do you declutter as you pack, or DEPACK??

I recommend following the same steps as Konmari method of organizing in general. She starts with clothes. So I started with clothes.

I’m touching each item, folding it according to the Konmari method, and putting it in the box. As I take each item and handle it, I am pondering – does this spark joy? When’s the last time I wore this? Do I look forward to wearing it again in the near future? If the answer is no to the above questions, I put it aside into a donate bag or sell bag depending on its condition.

After clothes, I am straying a bit from Kondo’s order and moving onto the categories that logically work in my space, according to what we are not using the weeks prior to moving (and hence can already pack), and also in order from difficult to easy – I’m getting the harder stuff done first.

See pics below of the beginnings of packing – clothes first. The plastic bags are to keep the clothes dust-mite free. I like clear bags as the contents are easily visible inside.

24 days left until the big move – think I’ll be ready??





Look how much I already cleared from the closet!! And the box is above right..fill ‘er up!!