Influencers (Organizing & Decor)

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KonMari Method

For those that don’t know her, Marie Kondo or “KonMari” is the biggest name in organizing in Japan and possibly the world right now. Her consultant training seminars sell out immediately all over the United States, she has several books published, and sold-out speaking tours across the world. I highly recommend her books “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” as well as “Spark Joy,” and her methods are super user-friendly for even the most novice organizer. Check her out at

I Heart Organizing

I stumbled upon the blog several years ago in my online quest for “best organizing methods” and numerous other google searches kept leading me to her. Her clean and fresh blog style and organizing style is truly a pleasure to read and peruse, and her ideas are practical and relatable. She is much more handy/DIY talented than myself, but I still find tons of ideas and inspiration from her – Jennifer Jones at

Rachel Talbott

Rachel Talbott was really a treasure that I discovered when looking for organizing and decor ideas. She is super relatable and friendly, and her style of plants and natural home decor is really refreshing and different from a lot of NYC styles that I see in stores or private houses. Her DIY ideas are fun and easy to do as well, they don’t require too much skill or materials (except for the her outside gardening and landscaping projects, those are way over my head). I like a lot of her easy daily tips and room mood-changers (one of my favorites from her is simply the addition of fresh flowers throughout the house). Check her out on youtube or at

Influencers (Coaching)

The Lubavitcher Rebbe and Chabad Movement

A life-changing influence for me has been the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of blessed memory, and the Jewish movement he led called Chabad. This approach to Judaism truly touched my heart and has led my life in a direction with higher purpose and meaning and mindfulness. It is about being kind to others, doing good deeds, and connecting to G-d, thereby bringing spirituality into this world and truly making a difference even greater than one can do by just focusing on oneself. For more info check out

Dina Friedman

The Dina Friedman Academy was a blessing from left-field. This program is very understated – it is worth every penny and more. She offers several coaching programs to lead your best life, focusing on relationships, marriage, parenting, understanding oneself, and more. There are programs in person and over the phone, which come with materials and workbooks as well as audio files, etc. She is very personable and helpful to each individual on her programs, and the effects are astounding. Some of the sources she uses are from the John Demartini method as well as Laura Doyle’s work. Her work is also that much more penetrating when working with one of her certified individual coaches who can result in positive life-changing outcomes. She can be found at

2 Books

The Power of Focus

Funny story about this one – this book was a bathroom reading book of my past roommate many years ago, who never touched the book but was given it by a relative. For me, this book was possibly life-changing. It’s written by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt, who all have their own websites but my only experience has been with this book. It gives a great road map and blueprint to personal goal setting and overcoming fear and challenges. Find it on amazon:

The Power of Choice

I couldn’t put this book down. I read it cover to cover and also listened to the audible version. It really brings to light the concept of living and treasuring the present, going for the gold, and not letting fear, doubt, or worry stop you. Rabbi Dov Pinson has many other greats, though this is the one I recommend: